Weilin our PR and Social Media Manager

/ June 6, 2018

Hi, I’m Weilin and I’m Masters student at the University of Sheffield, and I am volunteering as one of Sheffield Carnival’s Marketing, PR and Social Media Managers. I am very proud to be part of a team that is working so hard to bring Carnival back to Sheffield. I think Carnival is such a great way to bring different communities together and I am very excited to be part of

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Plans for 2016

/ April 26, 2016

Many of you have been asking, “when is the carnival going to be held in Sheffield?”.   Due to difficulty obtaining funding and due to requiring further support in terms of planning and activities, we have decided that there will not be a carnival this year. We feel strongly that if Sheffield is going to have a carnival, it needs to be done right.   However DO NOT DESPAIR!! There

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Carnival Arts Taster Workshop

/ February 23, 2016

We are offering a FREE Carnival Taster workshop!   This is an opportunity for you to have a go at creating a carnival costume and learn a dance routine fit for a carnival troupe, with a view to showcasing what we have created at a later date.  We will introduce you to the carnival art form by showing you how to make a basic carnival costume and we have a dance instructor who will

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Sheffield Carnival blog page

/ March 13, 2015

Welcome to the Sheffield Carnival blog page. We will be using our blog page to keep you up to date with any events or activities we are involved in.  You can also keep up to date with activities by following us on Facebook.   Watch this space…

Would you like to see a Carnival in Sheffield?

/ February 13, 2015

Well so would we…   This has been a very exciting year!! Sheffield Carnival was successfully launched at the Sheffield Fayre in Norfolk Heritage Park on Monday 28th August 2017. The Sheffield Fayre had its 16th successful year and we were so excited to be partnering with them to add a splash of Carnival. It was a fabulous day, the weather was kind to us and we had thousands of

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